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Rates & Fees

For rates and fees please refer to ordinances 10 and 15 of the governing board of Summerland Sanitary District.

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  • Ordinance 8: Adopting a general regulation providing for sewer service charges; fixing sewer service rates; and repeal of inconsistent ordinances.
  • Ordinance 9: Amending ordinance 8 and revising and amending certain sewer service charges established by ordinance 8-15.
  • Ordinance 10: Establishing a new capital recovery fee.
  • Ordinance 12: Establishing grease and oil controls.
  • Ordinance 14: Establishing provisions for the enforcement of ordinances, rules and regulations of the Summerland Sanitary District.
  • Ordinance 15: revising and amending certain sewer charges established by ordinance 9.
  • Ordinance 16: Regulating the use of public and private sewers, the installation of sewer laterals, requiring permits for the installation of sewer laterals and regulating plumbing, drainage, sewer and requiring property owners to conduct video inspections of private sewer laterals that discharge into the District’s sewer system.
  • Ordinance 17: Amending ordinance 15 and adding a provision relating to lift station charges.
  • Ordinance 18: Amendment to Ordinance No. 16 shall remain in full force and effect the following added: all connections, including  lateral, wye or saddle at the Summerland Sanitary District sewer, shall be maintained at the expense of the property owner of the connection.
  • Ordinance 19: Ordinance and order of the governing board of the Summerland Sanitary District amend and update its Ordinance No. 15 and No. 9 sewer service charges established by ordinance No. 8-15.

Helpful Hints

These are some steps you can take to maintain your sewer line in optimum condition:

  • Don’t pour grease down your drains. Dispose of grease with your trash.
  • Don’t flush items that don’t belong down the toilet, such as large bulky items (diapers, rags, etc.) Many of the “disposable wipes” and similar products can contribute to sewer backups.
  • Identify the location of your sewer line cleanouts (access points) to your sewer line and keep them accessible in case a plumber needs to access them. Typically, they are near the house in a landscaped area or driveway.
  • If you have chronic root problems, one possible solution is to remove the trees and/or plants that may be the culprit(s).

New Connections

Property owners desiring sewer service for new construction, second units, additions, septic system conversion or other forms of development should contact the District to obtain specific instructions and guidelines. The process is often facilitated by meeting with District staff in person to discuss your project early in the process. To arrange a meeting or to obtain information about the process, please call the District office. The Summerland Sanitary District developed a Procedural Manual and Standard Specifications for the Construction of Sanitary Sewers that you review and download by clicking on the highlighted link.

Capital Recovery Fee
A Capital Recovery Fee is levied to connect to the District’s sanitary sewer system. This fee is charged to recover the cost of providing capacity in both the collection system and the treatment facility. Please contact District Office for current connection fee.

Annexation Required
If a property is not already within the District’s legal service area boundary, the property owner will be required to undertake annexation proceedings. This is a formal boundary change process administered by the Santa Barbara Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO). Please contact the District to obtain information and requirements for annexation. District staff will typically work with applicants to navigate this process.

Summerland Sanitary District Boundary Map

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Permits and Construction Standards
The Summerland Sanitary District inspects the construction and repair of all public and private sewers lines within its service area. A permit is required from the District when sewer line construction includes connecting or modifying the sewer mainline, or when rehabilitation work is performed. All work must be constructed in compliance with the District’s construction standards which can be obtained from the District’s office along with required permits. Please keep in mind that permits and guidelines from other agencies are separate from those imposed by the Sanitary District.